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Epever 6415AN dual rs485


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Sep 6, 2022
Aci Sant'Antonio Catania
Hi. everyone, I saw that my Epever 6415AN has 2 rs485 ports. I currently only use one to monitor via an rs485 to eth converter and via the doftware epsolar l'scc . I wanted to know if the other rs485 port can be used at the same time. My intention is to always connect another rs485 device to eh but the version that supports modbus and via the source on github , configure homeassistant for Epever 6415AN .

So I would find myself in the situation of:

1 pc with Epsolar via rs485 to eth

1 Server ( cheho already ) homeassistant connected for monitoring Epever via other modbus rs485 to eth adapter.


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I think the only real purpose of having two serial ports is to simplifying the cabling (RS485 allows multiple devices to be daisy-chained on a single serial cable).
Making a daisy-chain cable require some skill and the correct tools to make, where as two sockets allows the use of 'standard' cables.
If this is the case (two ports, one bus), then it will not work having multiple Master devices.
Once you have the reg connected to an Eth adapter, can you do all your comms on TCP/IP?