EPEVER SCC- float settings for night uses


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Oct 8, 2021
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So after reading numerous posts about setting this controller, I'm still not sure what is right for my situation... 🧐
My system:
4*100w Renogy panels 2s2p, 200ah LiFePO4 battery (fixed BMS 10.5v-14.6v), EPever Tracer4210AN+MT50.

My controller settings:
Temp compensation: 0
Over volt disconect: 14.6v
Charge limit: 14.4v
Over volt reconnect: 14.4v
Equalize charging voltage: 14.3v
Boost charging: 14.3v
Float charging: 13.4v
Boost re connect charge: 13.2v
Low voltage reconnect: 12.8v
Under voltage reconnect: 12.8v
Under voltage warning: 12.0v
Low voltage disconnect: 11.6v
Discharge limit voltage: 11.0v
Equalize duration... 0 min
Boost duration... 10 min

My question- is it possible the charger goes into float mode before battery is full?
So after fully charging the battery,
used it for a couple days and the status was total discharge of 2.5 kWh & total charge of 1.5 kWh (according to the MT50). Meaning I'm in shortage of 1 kWh. But still in that situation controller went into float and stopped filling the battery

I use the system in a van, meaning that during the day it sits and charge with very little load, and when the sun sets I start using the electronics (fridge, lights, laptop, etc...).
Is there better settings that will make the most charge during daylight so I start night time with full battery?

And does monitoring charge/discharge kWhs in the MT50 really gives a reliable picture of battery's state of charge?

Thanks for any help!🙏🏼
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