Europe 230V 50Hz Solar System, need advise what is needed.


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Nov 7, 2020
I am located in Europe that why 230V 50Hz.
Question what is the most common panel system voltage?

From the panels shall I use a victron MPPT 100/20 for charging my battery bank.
Is this the right way to go.
And from the bank running an inverter to 230V.
Or do I need a BMS in between?
What is affordable and good as well.
I want to run two 2000W AC Mitsubishi Heavy units minimum.




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May 1, 2021
If you want a proper answer your going to have to supply a lot more informaton. Looking at what you have stated so far I see no way that 20Amp charger even at 24V is going to charge the batteries enough to run 4000W of AC.
The starting current of those ACs is going to be high unless they are Inverter AC units.

What is your budget like?
How many Panels can you put up?
Is this a Grid Tied system that you want to do or off Grid or Hybrid?
Are these Batteries just for backup or are they for daily use?
Since you mention the batteries a lot, I assume they will be used daily, if so are you trying to run the two ACs all night?
You need to outline exactly what it is your trying to achieve and what can you afford.


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Sep 20, 2019
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...Question what is the most common panel system voltage?...
Panel voltage isn't too important unless you've already picked out your mppt, in which case any voltage it supports will work.
See Comparing Solar Panels for more.

I sorta think I'm misunderstanding the actual question, but possibly you can find what you're looking for in

Or do I need a BMS in between?
A BMS is a "battery management system" and you'll want one if you're building a DIY lithium battery from cells (but some COTS batteries have them already built-in).

Hope that's of some help!