Eve 280AH cells, 24 cells for sale BRAND NEW SEALED IN BOX.


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I purchased 32 eve cells for a project that I was planning on doing. It was supposed to be a 16s2p 48 volt setup. Instead I ended up downsizing to a 24 volt 8S setup. So now I have 24 sealed in the box cells for sale. These are grade A cells from Xuba.


2 cells: $325.00 shipped
4 Cells: $600.00 shipped
8 cells $1200 shipped
12 cells $1800.00 shipped
16 cells $2400.00 shipped
24 cells $3600.00 shipped

Prices are fixed, I'm just trying to get back what I spent. Shipping is in mainland USA, after 8 cells shipping will be via freight.


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I'm interested in purchasing most or all cells from you, I am planning an 8S2P layout so I really only need 16 cells but was thinking of getting extra cells to keep as spares just in case. I'm in Wyoming just in case you're anywhere close. Please contact me if you still have them for sale.

Jerry Boone


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I'm in Baton Rouge, LA so not very close but I can ship them. For 16 cells I would do freight shipping should not be too bad about $125.00 I would think. I emailed you phone number.


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I have 8 batts left, 16 were just sold.

Chops728 you can check your Private message I gave you cell phone.