EVE Specification Code "66", is this 280Ah ?


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Nov 14, 2020
My first post. Been reading this forum and learning for some time now. Invaluable!

I too was trying to decipher my QR label - which led me to this thread. Attached a photo of the QR label from Eve cells I recently purchased on Ali Express (Sanben Global Battery Store). The date code is B32 - so I take that to mean 2021 March 2.

By the way, these cells indeed appear to be, as advertised by the seller, brand spanking new. The whole pack of 8 are perfectly flat (no bulging at all), and very well matched from what I can tell. They were also seemingly at exactly the same state of charge upon arrival, and almost perfect balanced - as I found out while top balancing them myself. I'm in the middle of a capacity test - I can only pull 5 amps so the test is a two day test - but that's okay. I have high hopes to see the full 280.
Very interesting....we first thought LF280 ended production in July. Then we just learned some of the batteries being sold now are December, 2020 production. Yours is the first EVE S/N I have seen with a 2021 "B" code. As an aside, the 32 after the B likely isn't March...There was a forum thread somewhere on here who said it was some hex code or ?? Batteries known to have been made in December were ACx codes so they had numbered from 0 to C.


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Apr 17, 2021
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Yes type 66 in 2021! (maybe 2021)

To further confuse the date code issue, I just got done reading this thread
where Amy says, well, the date code isn't really the date code. But rather a start of production 'ish code.

Overall I'm sort of satisfied with the 66 versus 71 versus 76 explanations. My take away is it is probably okay to mix type 66 and 71 within the same pack. They're close enough to the same battery it will be fine. I'm not faced with that, but it is all interesting. Not sure about 76.

By the way, the date code of ACx interpreted as hex, indeed fits December. Hex numbers count as follows:

0..9 is 0 through 9, then A is 10, B is 11, C is 12, ... and so on till F is 15. That's base 16, or hex.

So B32 might well be March 2021. But I'm not sure if we really know.