Excess Energy Storage


So most of you know I have excess power in summer and early autumn, and one way to store energy for winter use is using the excess solar to process wood (cutting/splitting). That way, no fuels are used and the sound levels while processing are much nicer as an added benefit.
One other way to use the available power is food processing. Pressure canning is one example of a method with a relatively high energy input requirement. Another one is drying - for example meats. In my case this year, I just finished a huge batch of mushrooms, here's a sample:


These are Porcini (Boletus Edulis). I've also got a stack of dried Chanterelles. In principle, you could even make a business out of this (dried, wild, green, organic mushrooms). Considering that dried Porcini go around $50 per kg and dried Chanterelles go at something like $100 a kg or more, this could be a nice side project. Here in Finland you don't pay taxes on income generated from foraged food (clarification, not the dried mushrooms since that is considered processing, but regular mushrooms and berries), so could be a fun project to engage the kids in as well for some extra pocket money. The same can be done with berries of course.

Any other creative, fun and/or lucrative projects you run to use your excess energy (besides mining crypto)?
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