Expanding Solar Array Panel Help and Review


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I'm looking at expanding my pre-existing solar array.
I've been looking at BiHiKu CS3W-450MB-AG panels as I can get them for relatively cheap. $275
Other panels that have caught my eye are the S-Energy SN310M-10T alternative datasheet $225
Having looked at the panels the biggest difference I noticed are the "real world" test results for each panel.
The BihiKu's lose about 25% efficiency with no mention of the bi-facial tests while the S-Energy panels only lose 7.5% efficiency when comparing optimal to real world.
The price/watt goes to the BiHiKu if I can get about ~10% boost from the rear panels.
I'm planning on using apsytem's qs1 micro-inverters to allow me to sync up with the pre-existing setup

So the big question is does anybody have experience with these panels and what their actual efficiencies might be?


Works in theory! Practice? That's something else
Don't have them, but my understanding is efficiency is usually not very important. For bifacials, the way to raise the "back" power is the proper elevation and to increase the albedo (e.g., white ground cover).

However, in expanding existing strings any voltage/current mismatches can cause hurt you. Amy did some videos on it (1, 2).