Factory New 74Ah LFP Cells for Sale!

These are not new... both Jag35 and now battery hookup have been selling these for quite a while. I agree they are a good value.

Jag used to sell the cells individually like battery hookup, but now I only see them sold with kits or assembled into packs
Sorry, that is not incorrect, these are in NEW condition in original factory cases/pallets. Thank you.
Sorry, I didnt mean to imply they are used... Just that they are not new to your jag35s site in fact they have been up there all summer and are no longer even listed for sale individually like they were before. They are old or surplus stock meant for use to make a starter battery offered on a high end vehicle if I remember right.
Battery hookup has also been selling them for for $35 each for a couple months now.
Please see www.jag35.com for more information and pricing. For quantities over 2,400 cells please contact info@secondlifelithium.com

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You should check out the rules about advertising on the forum.
A name like second life lithium selling new batteries is a bit ironic.

They do actually have the cells for sale individually and in packs for a discount although they dont come up when you browse the cells using the menu which is why I could no loner find them until using search bar for them.
16 cells for less than $500 is a great deal for a 48v golf cart pack.
Has anyone used these for a side project? They seem interesting but hadn’t seen them used.
I can’t find these on your website. There is so much competing information visually on that website that I can’t find anything useful on it. Do you have a direct link?
Cheaper from batteryhookup... Links here.