Feedback on estimate from Dongguan Lightning New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.,


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Aug 26, 2021
This is my first lithium purchase and I'd like to get your feedback on this vendor and their estimate for 8x 230Ah cells. I connected with Rama here on the forum and their website is Any thoughts or things I've missed would be appreciated.

Hello Mark,
1- For the battery case you suggest I am sorry to inform you that we don't have this model.
2- Two of 12V 4S 100A smart BMS with Bluetooth for 100$ (50%each) is FINE.
3- 8Pcs of Brand New Grade A EVE230Ah is also FINE for 606$. (Busbars and nuts are to be included).
4- We will include cell performance testing certificates (internal resistance, capacity, cell voltages, etc.) at the time of order or shipping.
5- T/T payment is FINE, though we don't have Assurance protection. We guarantee you to receive the batteries will packed, with cell performance testing.
6- For M8 studs, yes they are AVAILABLE, I attached the picture of it.
8pcs EVE230Ah 606$+ 2 DALY BMS 100$+ Ocean shipping 225$= 931$

If you have further question you are welcome to ask
Rama Yacoub | Sales Specialist
Battery Finds
A: No.5 Puxin Road, Tangxia Town,
Dongguan, Guangdong, China 523710

Hello Rama,
For the Case: I will be doing 2 separate 4S 12V batteries then connected them in parallel. Layout will have all 8 cells in a row. The battery case you listed is too big and cells you posted were with 280ah cells which are 74mm wide. The 230Ah cells are 54mm (not 74mm) and will need smaller boxes. The 2 boxes (all 8 cells) must fit into my battery bay which is 22”L X 11”W X 10”H. Perhaps you have 1 bigger box that all 8 cells could fit into? Similar to this one?

For the BMS: I would be willing to buy 2 of the Daly 100A COMMON PORT BT Smart BMS you suggested for $100 ($50each).{"sku_id":"12000020583660710"}

For the Cells: I’m fine with the (8) Grade A BRAND NEW 230AH EVE cells for $606. Bussbars and nuts are to be included.

For the Warranty: Please confirm you would guarantee cell capacity or mfg. defects (for how many years??) You will include cell performance testing certificates (internal resistance, capacity, cell voltages etc.) at time of order or shipping. Full refunds for these defects?

For the Shipping: I’m fine with Ocean Freight DDP direct to my door (08802 USA) for $225.

For the Payment: I’ll be paying by Visa Credit Card. Are there any fees on your end for buyer protection such as Alibaba Trade Assurance protection?