Feedback on my DIY bifacial panel unistrut ground mount design?

Hello, this is my first post, but have gained from this forum for some time now.

I'm helping a neighbor upgrade his system. He's getting (12) new bifacial panels. I'm designing a ground rack for him. If you'd care to, I'd love any feedback. See any problems with my design? Think it'll blow over? Gut check? Any feedback is much appreciated.
  • Snow loads are minimal. It'll snow a foot at most here, and then melt.
  • Wind can be stiff, but we have no hurricanes or tornadoes here.
  • All of the fittings are standard unistrut fittings.
  • Fitting attachment to the piers is deep jbolts embedded, not drilled expansion bolts.
  • The only non-unistrut stuff besides the concrete is the diagonal cross braces, which I'm thinking I'll use something like ~1-2"dia galvanized metal fence pipe.
Okay lets see if I can insert images correctly...
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Can you please tell me the vendor where you bought the unistrut solar panel clamps?" No one seems to know anything and I can't find them (except in a Unistrut pdf.) .thanks