Final Design Review - Building Mobile Solar Setup on Hand Cart

Deek Johnson

New Member
Nov 17, 2021
Hello all,

After many hours of research and (attempted) learning and actually spending $$$ on equipment, I'm now assembling the mobile solar setup on a hand cart for mobile dry camping as well as emergency home use.

I've seen a few youtube vids on this process but I'm not for sure how to calculate circuit breaker amperage - that allow for short surges, etc.

(FYI I just got an email from Gowatt that said breaker amperage should be 1.25 times the max current).

Attached is PDF illustration of the planned setup. Specs for both the Gowatt 3000/24v inverter and bigbattery batteries are included.

What's not shown here are 8 - 210w NewPowa panels

If anyone has any thoughts, please post.

Thanks in advance!


  • MASTER solar D.pdf
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