first build reassurance. adding to hydro. anything better? growatt & OP radian & solark?


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have hydro, want battery & PV. is good BOM? good phase 3 understanding?
phase 1 BOM:
rack of gyll batteries and 2x growatt 5KWs offgrid stackables for a house grid, with the hydro as the "utility grid" and only power source.
phase 2 BOM: solar for house & barn. second rack of batteries (maybe not gyll?) and a solark hybrid 12KW for the barn, and maybe another growatt 5KW for house.
phase 3 still figuring out: new workshop w/ power room and 2x radian to be a utility power station w/ batteries from barn, and replace growatt offgrid w/ solark hybrid and have house and barn solarks "ongrid" to the radians which collects and stores power from the hydro and all buildings collecting solar.

- Have I missed something in my evaluation? I'm getting close to pulling the trigger.
- Growatt SPF5000ES can talk to a LI BMS, is it only Growatt batteries it can talk to or can it talk to Gyll BMS? is there a recommended integration here? Is it even worthwhile to pursue the Growatt BMS feature w/ a gyll rack?
- are Growatt and Gyll the type of products where "you get what you pay for" and a 5-year warranty isn't much?
- Is the above a good plan for my goal to limit my investment while I gain experience? All of these have AC pass through so when there is no solar power (phase 1) the inverters will draw from the hydro before making up the difference with the batteries, right?
- Does anyone understand how I can make a PV grid out of the buildings on my property? Should I always keep my hydro generator on a different grid than the PV grid or can it be a member of the same grid as my buildings w/ PVs?
- Is it that big a deal that the Radian has a transformer and the others don't? I noticed on youtube that w/ the transformer-less usually the next thing they do is add an autotransformer.

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I've been learning the products and the way they fit together for a few weeks now. I'm acquiring a property with a well built hydro system that for a few months a year doesn't have enough available on demand load (about 30A available but there is a governor which cant shift the power fast enough and there are brownouts). I'm thinking of starting with a half measure investment just to get me off the ground. I want to get some hands on experience with this heavier duty (than RV) equipment before going full out.

I started my search on youtube and followed the dpoz funnel over to SS where I learned about the <$1000 growatt all-in-one transformerless stackable inverter and since then I talked to some other solar sales people and learned about the ~$7000 8KW Radian (huge 300lb!) and 12KW Solark transformerless. Until I learned the price of the Solark, I was really astounded by the high price and size of the Radian.

Now I'm realizing I might not be able to afford a high quality system right off the bat ($10K from SS, while $50K from an Outback Power dealer). If I can provide some surge capacitance and some depth for the remainder of the dry months with a couple inverters and a battery bank, that will probably be enough for this year until the water returns and provides all I could need.

Then next year I'll get on my roofs and start adding solar and more battery capacity before the water begins to diminish again. I expect I'll have more power demands next year and beyond. Eventually (maybe next fall if things are going well), I want to have a purpose built "power room" in a new workshop. I want to then setup all my buildings (we'll have more down the road) to be on the same grid and be able to share PV collection while storing in only the new power room (except maybe the gylls I'll keep as a last resort for my house w/ the 12KW solark).


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Are you using a translator to convert your language into English?

What exactly is "want battery & PV. is good BOM? good phase 3 understanding?" supposed to mean?

Who wants to charge you 7000$ for an Outback Radian? Is this USD, or your local currency? In the US, a 8kW Radian is going for 3731$, plus tax/shipping. With a good local source for panels (not mail order), I'd say you could put together a Radian based system for about 12K, not 50K.


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Oof, I wish I could edit the OP and fix it for you. BOM is bill of materials or a parts list. I was trying to be concise not sound foreign. "I have a hydro system, and want to add battery and solar. is the parts list below good, am I understanding phase 3 well?"

The Radian 8KW Flexpower is the system the nice folks at solar-electric are selling me on for $7K. USD. The quote they put together was $50K w/ batteries and PVs.


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I feel those prices are a complete ripoff. For my first 48V system I made the mistake of paying retail for panels and I ended up paying 15K USD for a system with 4500W of panels, and 18kWh of storage, self installed. So, those folks are definately NOT being nice. They are trying to rob you! Is the 50K USD just for the components, or a fully installed turn-key system?

Even with 100% markup for installation, I'd never expect to pay more than 30K. 50K is so over the top as to be unbelieveable.