First full month bill after 6kw panel and Skybox install


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Feb 2, 2021
Been using the panels for a couple months. but May was the first full month of net metering use.

So we used about 79kwh of energy. , Energy usage was around $9, My bill was $55. We get to pay $40 just for the privilege of being Coop members. And another $7 security light fee.

I think our cost per kwh is 10-12 cents.

But I did install the hybrid system in order to be off grid eventually. For $50 a month I could buy a nice battery pack. I have been calculating what I'd need and a few changes I have to make to go off grid. But for now it is nice to have the backup and we're saving around $100/month. Total investment is going to be around $6600 for my 6kw hybrid system and small backup battery. So will have around 5-7 years payback depending on how energy rates go.

and for another interesting data point, I had a solar company quote me around $28k for the same size system except without any backup capability and it would have been a roof mount. So not nearly as nice as what I have with the Skybox and battery system w/ the ground mount setup.


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Aug 22, 2021
Grand Rapids, MI
Cool. I'm in the tail end of a project that is pretty much exactly what you did, same system, same size, same price. I have 3.3KW running at the moment, and the remaining 3.3KW will hopefully come online soon. The rates in my area went crazy and its now 21cents during mid-day, so hoping to make a big dent in my bill.

Since I dont have a net-metering agreement, im in zero export mode (installed CT's on the main grid entry point), which means i either use it or lose it until my batteries arrive next week!


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Mar 20, 2021
Did you pay $40 + $7 before the solar? Or is that part of the net metering cost?

Any option of TOU rate plans?