First time dipping my toe into DIY solar (or solar of any kind). Off-grid car charging....


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Although I have lots of experience in both consumer and industrial electronics and electro-mechanical systems, I have never tinkered with solar power. For my very first solar project, I am considering putting together an off-grid system to charge my 2014 Chevy Volt (level 2, 240VAC supplied charger, Volt internal charger is 3.6kW).
I just don't know if it worth the expense, even though the experience alone may make it worth it.
If I could also use the system to power my well pump during a power outage, that would be a great bonus!

Here is what I am considering:

  • EG4 LiFePOWER 48V 100Ahr -----> $1500
  • Growatt 48V 5kW LVM-ES 240V, 100A MPPT PVm=450V (Split Phase Capable?) ------> $900
  • (6) 195W Monocrystalline 96cell 48V (Voc=69V) used Sanyo solar panels ------> $325

I'd like to try and get everything from one seller, if possible, to help with any possible service/support issues.

Is this not enough power, or overkill?
Am I on the right track?
Would it be worth it?

Thanks for any feedback!



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I see the first hit on that search is:
Solar charging, level 2) for a 2012 Leaf
And noone has replied to that either, so that was of no help.

Me, being a noob, I was hoping a veteran of DIY solar could give direct feedback on my setup idea (parts used, overkill, or underkill, etc.), or at least point me to existing specific article(s).