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For Sale - Price Reduced: 80 Gallon Stainless Steel Solar Hot Water Tank - North Louisiana


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Aug 22, 2022
I have a like new solar water heater for sale. It is an AET ThermoMiser unit complete with a built in stainless heat exchanger coil and back up 4500 watt electric element. This unit has been used for storage only - the electric element has never even been wired up, and the HX heat exchanger coil within the tank has never been hooked up either. Being stainless steel, it does not need an anode rod, and should easily last a lifetime. It comes with SS 1" MPT for both the domestic hot water inlet and outlets. If you have a need now, or may in the future, for a solar hot water system, then this tank would be a good start. New, these tanks sell for around $2500 plus tax & shipping, I will sell for $950 picked up in north Louisisana. Please PM me for more info or details.

(Sorry, I had posted this earlier on the wrong forum title - please delete the other thread, thanks.)


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