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Fronius 3 KW IG Plus inverter has died??


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Oct 22, 2022
Since getting my electric snowbike a week ago, I've been riding down my property to where my solar arrays are, and for the first time in 2 or 3 months, I hiked thru the almost waist deep snow to eyeball my Fronius's output display, expecting that warm fuzzy feeling of getting "free" power. To my astonishment, it was dead, zip, zero, nada. About 15 years in service FWIW.

BUT, last fall, I added another 260 watt REC module, used, bought cheap as part of another project, in series with the existing 15 year old REC 250 modules. Bringing the total wattage up to 3260. Knowing, that if my memory served me right I'd be bumping up against the max allowable power the inverter could handle, both in open circuit voltage and in amps, but assuming that the used new panel and the 15 year old main array would be putting out, by now, a bit less power anyway overall, so what the heck. Plus, I assumed the inverter would protect itself...., and if nothing else I would be producing the max power the inverter could handle on less than optimum days.

After the additional panel's addition, it all worked exactly as expected, no surprises, I probably laid eyes on the display a half dozen times late fall, before getting snowed out, and my confidence in the Fronius installed a lot of them back in the day) and solar in general led me to assume all was well. It could just have reached the end of it's service life, or, just maybe, while it worked fine this fall, the recent single digit temps resulted in higher than permitted open circuit voltage and something "broke." I'm going down today to trouble shoot, as much as I can, other than determine the power is getting from the array to the inverter, there's not much I can do. Now that I know it's down (and of course its sunny as heck) it will drive me crazy and I may just trhow some money at it and get a new one coming ASAP.
I want to give a shout out to a company called STELLAVOLTA, I ordered a new Fronius 3.8 KW Primo inverter, at 7AM my time. They sent me an email immediately, the usual " your order is being processed, blah blah," but then at 10:50 AM they sent another email, saying my ordered was SHIPPED! Keep in mind this was after numerous other deals fell thru due to long wait times/backorders on the entire Fronius line of products. When they said they had them in stock, I was frankly skeptical, my bad. I will be leaving a rave review for them wherever I can. My total downtime , at least since I discovered the old one was kaput, is going to be measured in days, plus it snowed a lot so not much loss anyway. I'll pull the old inverter and deal with at my leisure, then sell it on EBAY.
I have the same model Fronius. Installed 12 years ago by Solar City, 2.82kW system. Still working perfectly, all I've done was replaced a noisy cooling fan a while back other wise a solid inverter. You got 15 years of service, not bad at all. You may get lucky and be able to replace the bad part and indeed sell it on ebay.
Good to hear, I'm still a fan of the brand. I just talked to the folks at Stellavolta a few minutes ago (my UPS tracking # was showing the order was canceled, not so, it was indeed shipped just hours after my order), and I asked if they had any tips on a repair for it. He said they had heard about half a dozen (out of thousands they have sold) older Fronius's doing the same as mine, and the general thought was that between shipping back and forth costs, the needed (unspecified) repair costs, etc., it was better to just move on to a new unit. I will at least have excess inverter capacity now, with a 3.8 KW unit and my now 3260 watt array. Like I said, the problem may have arisen from too high of a open circuit voltage that probably exceeded 500 volts on a very cold day. Don't know, don't care at this point, the biggie is it will all be back online in 2 or 3 days!

Now UPS is saying it will arrive Friday, great, as there is nothing worse than a needed item of any kind sitting in the warehouse over the weekend, thanks again to Stellavolta for getting it out ASAP, free shipping no less!
My last working Fronius IG5100 is bawking too now. I am getting a "State 425" code. It will self rectify but its cutting into production. It is going on 12 years old. Been changed out at least 3 times during warranty. It's not worth repairing unless their is a work around. I've seen online where a firmware upgrade is proposed. I have never had any data path into the unit so I cannot conceive how I can perform any upgrade. Has anyone here had this issue?
Got a "108 Islanding detected" this morning. But reboots and moves on.
I am trying the swap out the main board from my smoked one to see if that is still good and solves anything.

diy solar

diy solar