FS: homemade VE.direct to USB cable


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I had some spare parts from my own DIY effort, so figured I would do the work and help someone else with a cheaper Victron cable option. If there are a few people interested in this or if you want more than one, I have more of the 4pin side and could make a few more, just need to get more of the USB side.

Cable measures just over 3ft in length.
Used extra shrink tubing on this one to make it look better. The ones I kept don't look this nice.

Tested this cable with my Victron SmartShunt to my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and it worked like a charm.

Full disclosure on the solder job inside the cable, wires are soldered as follows:

white -> black
black -> white
green -> yellow
red is not connected

$15 shipped


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Sold this cable, but I'm making more. Mods can mark this as sold.

Anyone who finds this thread later please message as I might have more.