FTZ power lugs and various other terminals. (welding wire and 2/0, 5/16 lugs sold)


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Feb 4, 2021
I have found myself with a pile of 'stuff' that is surplus to requirements.

1. AWG 2 stranded welding cable. Been sitting around for a while attached to a stick welder but didn't work for my application and I removed it. The cover is still fine, very flexible, multi-stranded wire. Not tinned, two pieces 40 feet each, both have black insulation. Ampacity is a minimum of 140A. Usually sells for around $3-3.50/foot. I would prefer to sell the lot of course but since it would be unusual to need 80 feet of battery cable, I will sell it in minimum 5 foot pieces for $1/foot.

2. FTZ tinned power lugs, all new. These are the real deal, very heavy duty, beefier than even the Ancor lugs, never mind the cheap FleaBay ones.
See: https://baymarinesupply.com/wiring/wire/ftz-tinned-power-lug-battery-terminal.html.

a) sixteen for 2/0 wire with 5/16" holes. retail is north of $3 each. Asking $2.00 a piece
b) Seventy six AWG 4 with #10 holes, retail around $1.40. Asking $1.00 a piece. Will discount if you want 25 or more.
c) Twenty AWG #4 with 5/16" holes. Same price as the #4's above.

Of course the holes can be drilled out for larger studs. I see that most sizes of the FTZ lugs for #4 wire seem to be unavailable at the moment for some reason...so if ya need 'em, here they are...

I also have a small bag of 5/8 tinned copper ring terminals with glued heat shrink insulator for AWG 22-16 (pink), AWG 14-16 (blue) and a bigger bag for AWG 10-12 (yellow) as well as ten uninsulated tinned copper ring terminals for # 8 with 3/8" rings and about fifteen for #6 also with 3/8 rings. $6 for the bag of #8's and $10 for the bag of #6's. The last item is a bag of probably a couple of hundred AWG 10-12 adhesive, heat shrink butt connectors. $5.00 for 50 of them or $10.00 for the whole bag.

If you need any of FTZ lugs but can't crimp the big sizes, I do have the FTZ crimping tool and heat shrink have so could make these up. I do have AWG 4 in black and yellow but I would need to order the #2 lugs so there would be a delay. POA.

All Shipping will be with UPS at cost in the CONUS.



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