Getting ready to order panels-- U.P. of MI


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I have some recreational land up north, and built a pole shed. I have no grid power, and am looking to put about 4K of solar in with the goal of powering a small camper, starlink, and a fullsize fridge. The bi-facials are in my budget, and seem to be a great solution for ground mount in snowy areas. Is this still a good rationale from a cost perspective? The other question I had was related to mounting angle. I've seen where some folks adjust the angle during snowy months to nearly 90 deg, so avoid any snow collecting on the panels. This is attractive to me, because we could go weeks without being up there, and I would like to continue powering the starlink while we are not there to remotely monitor the property.


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when you say 4K so you mean W or $?

For the BiFacials whats the price difference between those and the same non-bifacial wattages ...

Personally not a real fan -- in alaska maybe - finland - denmark ... but where there is not nearly round the year snow - its hard for me to lean that way .. out here in South Texas -- totally worthless ...