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New Member
Mar 28, 2022
Hi y'all. New to forum and Solar 2 Battery in general, I am based in Israel. In Israel It is difficult to start prototyping since we don't seem to have a good DIY community. Here it is generally considered that our government should solve all our problems together with University professors and senior students, and that is why I joined DIY Solar Forum.
Through Youtube I noticed that many had issues with either not getting stuff, getting the wrong stuff, grade B instead of A, Lying Sellers, Bad packaging, Foot prints on Packages, Destroyed Items, with cheap vs more expensive sellers.
Now, Wouldn't it be cool if we all here could improve the EastAsia to West experience by simply working out a new Wiki about all the hazzles we had that are probably not random? It seems even Wills U-tubeTesting and comments get echoed back all the way to China.

I am planning a very advanced solar scratch build step by step to gradually take me out of homelessness, and it's super scary to start ordering and ship stuff from the other side of the world.
I could start by looking for scrapped equipment on sale locally, but at some point I will have to go specialized with the things I buy, and buying import goods from Asia seems the only affordable and smart way to go. Did I miss a thread about this earlier? To me this ordeal seems worthy of its own Topic.
Happy for any reactions.
Dani In Public.