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Sep 14, 2023
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Really enjoying digging through the Forums to gain knowledge. So much to learn. Like some of you (or not), I am happy to dig through the datasheets of the different Inverters/batteries/Panels/MPPT units.
Having lived through Hurricane Sandy and no power for 12 days (transformer blew in my neighborhood), I got by with a Champion 3500W generator.
Since then have played with ~200 Amp 12V SLA battery and Pure Sine-wave Inverter (1000 watts).
Built a DIY Power Pack [LINK: ]

Now thinking about building a backup unit similar to Will's Mobile Hand Truck unit. 3-5K, a 48V battery or 2, and some panels to put out in the yard.
Noting permanent at the moment, as I would like to move into my forever home in a year or 2.

I am from the Telecom world where -48V is pretty much everywhere. Yep, Negative 48 Volts. You just have to stand on your head when you are troubleshooting, no big deal ;-)


I can't imagine living in the path of hurricanes, kudos to your self-sufficiency.
With what you've already got, I'd probably use the generator only to charge batteries, and then run from the batteries. That also gives you the option of minimizing the annoyance of the loud AF generator while maximizing fuel efficiency by loading it up to rated output.
Although not personally a fan of EG4, may here are successfully using their 48V ChargeVerter with a generator to charge their batteries. It has selectable amperage so you can match your generator. I'm sure there are some lower power solutions available at 12V for LiFePO4 charging from a generator too.
All lithium-based batteries will have a BMS in them for protection and balancing. With whatever solution you come up with, try to allot sufficient time for your batteries to receive float voltage so the BMS can keep the individual cells within the battery balanced. If the battery you've got has a bluetooth app to connect and check the cells, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for individual cell differences - an indication the battery needs a float for the BMS to perform a balance.
Thanks for the reply!
I agree that running from the grid to charge the batteries is pretty simple for my needs. I am still planning on getting a few panels now that my neighbor removed the massive tree in his yard. Yay SUNLIGHT to the southern sky!

As far as EG4 - well, I have seen so many posts recently that have me wondering if the EG4 - 3K unit is still the right choice. Several of the MPP units seem to be either discounted or no longer available. Sungold or other vendors? not sure. In the <5KW inverter space, there seems to be no clear winner.
We have some Victron equipment at work, but seriously expensive for the DIYer on a budget.

I have the luxury of time for now, so maybe waiting a few months to see how product introduction will roll out.
Sungold hybrid inverters are my recommendation. That way you can start out with what you have and add to it and each edition = lower power bill. Then its all battery and solar panel buying.