Growatt 12kw DVM no output???


Solar Enthusiast
Sep 11, 2020
Luzon, Philippines + Orlando FL, USA
Hi, I have a 12kw Growatt DVM Split Phase inverter we installed a few months ago. Since first connected it has periodically showed a "Fan Lock" fault and shuts down momentarily. After that it started to show "Low Battery", didn't automatically switch back to utility and shut down for that reason and I would have to manually switch my transfer switch bypass to "Utility" to bypass it till solar power was enough to charge the batteries. Growatt said to install new software. Before I was able to do that (I'm OK with everything except things like software, so I'm slow) it started flashing the output on and off for a few seconds and then it would work OK. I installed the new software and when I restarted the inverter, it was OK when connecting the battery and first turning it on, OK when utility was connected, then when the load was switched back on it started flashing on and off the output with the red light flashing at the same time, no error codes show for this. I shut it off and did another restart, now it has no output. I've tried reinstalling the software and restarting the inverter again but still no output. Growatt says to send it back to the distributor. That's not realistic for me since there are no distributors here in PH, the closest is China where I bought it. Is there an internal fuse or breaker for the output? Any suggestions????? Thanks the dog