Growatt 3000 24V + Amperetime System check and settings.


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I'm planning a RV system

There are the settings from the Amperetime 24V battery - just want to make sure that I put them under the right spots in the Growatt:


01=SOL (Solar First)
04=SEN 04 (Saving model enabled) I'm only running the A/C unit, Microwave or Coffeemaker from the inverter
11=60 (maximum charging A 24V * 60A = 1440W) - I want to recharge the batteries as fast as possible when I run the generator I 200ah of batteries - so thats 0.3C
12=24V maintain higher state of charge when connected to utility
19=29.2V Bulk
20=27.2V Float
21=22.0V Low Voltage

Hope that I understand the Growatt behavior correct - when I connect to Utility it charges at maximum amps and still supplying the loads with solar power when available?

How does it know to get out of Saving Mode? Do I have to turn on a 120V load?

Thanks! let me know if I missed something.


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I just installed mine and trying to weak the settings as well. Unfortunately the last 2 days (after install) have been complete cloud cover so don;t know if it's really charging that much. I'm also interested in dialing in the right settings. I did watch a couple videos that was recommend.