Growatt 3000TL LVM-24p When does the battery start charging?


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Mar 7, 2021
I have the growatt 3000tl AIO 24v unit.

It is currently hooked up in my RV to a DIY 8-Cell 24v Lithium battery bank (272ah @24v)

I do not have PV panels yet. Those are planned down the road a few months, but I wanted to build the battery and get the inverter in and running before anything else, and this ate up the bulk of my budget.

The inverter seems to work perfectly fine and is enough for all of my needs (except A/C) and has for quite some time. But, there is a quirk that I haven't really figured out yet.

When I'm hooked up to shore power (grid), the growatt seems to wait until the battery is 95% discharged before turning the charger on. The growatt will automatically start a charge cycle anytime it detects a new connection, so I can force the unit to start charging if I cycle the shore power breaker off and on, but this is mildly annoying. Is there a depth of discharge setting that I'm missing somewhere, or maybe one of the other settings should be tweaked? I'll list the current settings below.

  1. UTL
  2. 20a
  3. UPS
  4. SdS
  5. USE
  6. LTD
  7. TTD
  8. 120v
  9. 60hz
  10. 2
  11. 20a
  12. 23.5
  13. 25.2
  14. CUT
  15. bON
  16. LON
  17. AON
  18. byE
  19. 28.8
  20. 27
  21. 22.9
  22. Sbd
  23. Setting 28 - 1
  24. Setting 43 - dl5
  25. Setting 44 - 29.2
  26. Setting45 - 60
  27. Setting 46 - 120
  28. Setting 47 - 30
  29. Setting 48 -toF
Any advice or insight on any of these settings would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Mar 7, 2021
OP did you figure this out?
No, not yet. I bumped the voltage up but it didn’t seem to change. We’ve been Boondocking for a couple of months now so I’ve just been manually doing everything. Back on the grid now, so I planned on tinkering this week.