growatt 3k 150vdc solar input and 10 sunpower panels 85.6 voc


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Oct 12, 2021
Planning my build using gyll 48v batteries instead of my 12v renogy setup.

Looking at going with 4 gyll 100ah 48v batteries, 2 growatt 120vac hybrid inverters, and 10 sunpower 435 watt solar panels.

Problem is the growatts voltage input relegates me to running all 10 panels in parallel... eww.

I found a few that claim 450/500 volt solar input letting me run 5s2p or just 5s per inverter to maybe snag a few %% gainz but nothing in stock or it's a powmr branded with a growatt sticker.

Then I have questions about noise under 10% load. are they just like listening to hair dryers or do they throttle down?