Growatt + Daly, constant pain


Christian Prepper
Oct 23, 2020
Society Hill South Carolina
I'd love to understand why Ian thinks the BMS's are the problem? From my understanding, the BMS essentially should never come into play. It should largely be invisible to the system. If it does come into play, it's because there was an issue that needed intervention.

I can only assume that Ian means they are a problem if you are using the BMS as cut-offs for managing the charging of the Growatt. This should NOT be how BMS's are used.

I'm not sure how you know you have runaway cells if you don't have a BMS, how are you monitoring individual cell voltages? You seem to imply you are monitoring individual cell voltages (one of the main jobs of the BMS).

Ian likes to blame BMs because it lets him off the hook for a lot of GW problems. He gave me bad advice when he told me to run my batteries without a bms which would only serve to cover up the inverter problems and damage my batteries. I have gone round & round with him about the problems I have been having with the GWs I bought through watts247. He blames BMSs & batteries and every other thing he can think of but the inverters.
After all of the run around I got from him, he got what he wanted which was for me to give up. So watts247 will never get another dime out of me.