GroWatt SPF 3000ES: Grid charge during use?


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Is it possible to charge a GroWatt SPF 3000ES via grid power while the inverter is actively being used? So far, with any combination of settings I've tried, the only way that the inverter will charge via grid power is if it has been switched "Off"

I can't figure out if this is a settings issue, firmware/hardware limitation or user error.

Andy P on youtube with a Growatt LVM 3000 says that he's able to grid charge while using the inverter to prevent overnight battery drain. It's in the comments for the video as a response to Paul Wittman 11 months ago: Growatt LVM 3000 watt Inverter Overview

. . . you can set it to SBU so it will run on solar and battery as long as your above your set voltage and transfer voltage and then if you choose the CSO under option fourteen, it will charge from the grid under CSO once there is no solar available and your battery is not full. . . . if you set it to just enough amps to keep things from going flat . . . you would be putting just about what you draw back into the battery. . . set the utility charger amperage to just barely enough for your overnight loads and your transfer back to the grid voltage at a voltage a voltage equal to say 20-30% remaining. Set it to CSO so it starts charging from utility once the sun goes down but at a very low rate to keep things topped off. That should leave your batteries close to the transfer back to the grid voltage but still on battery overnight. And leave most of the capacity to be available for solar to charge them up come daytime.

The goal being to maximize the amount of power you draw from solar either charging your batteries or running your loads.


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Works fine for me. I’d contact the reseller you purchased it from to review the settings. I’d also look into your settings for your battery type and thresholds. Remember that lead acid should only be discharged to 50% SOC to avoid damage.


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Just to clarify, by "using the inverter" I mean that the inverter is supplying 120V from the battery and not operating in Utility bypass mode.

I was hoping during an extended power outage scenario to be able to recharge the battery with a small generator while still using the inverter's 120V output. While using battery power, charging via Solar Input works as expected. If Grid Power is connected, the AC icon is shown on the display, but nothing happens. If the inverter is turned "Off", charging takes place.


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The battery is LFP.

Current Settings:
01    SBU        Battery Priority
02    16         Max total charging current
03    APL        AC Input Range
04    dIS        Power Saving Mode
05    US2        Battery Type
06    dIS        Overload Auto-Restart
07    dIS        Over Temp Auto-Restart
08    120        Output Voltage
09    60         Output Frequency
10    4          Number of series batteries
11    16         Utility charging current
12    46.0       Voltage Setpoint for Return to Utility
13    54.0       Voltage Setpoint for Return to Battery
14    CSO        Solar charge priority
15    OFF        Alarm control
16    OFF        Backlight control
17    OFF        Beep when Source interrupted
18    dIS        Overload bypass
19    56.4       CV Charging Voltage
20    53.4       Float Charging Voltage
21    45.9       Low DC Cut-Off Voltage
43    dIS        Battery equalization
49    0000       Utility charging time
50    0000       AC Output time


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looks like you changed a lot of settings from default. I’d look at setting 14, and change setting 4.D97FF596-6FB7-47D5-BA73-403996CCA412.jpeg
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