Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM and Rolls Surrette Flooded Battery Settings Issue


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I'm trying to configure my Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM (24 volt) to match the requirements for my Rolls Surrette Flooded Batteries (4x6CS25PS, 6v, Surrette/Rolls, 1156 Ahr@100hr, 820Ah @20hr) but the Growatt voltage charge settings don't seem to go high enough for my requirements. Am I missing something, or are my required settings simply not possible?

I'm trying to set Bulk/Absorb to 30 Volts (as per manual) and Equalization to 31.2 Volts (lowest recommended by manual) but the Growatt only allows up to 29.2 for both:

Battery Charge Recommendations:

Growatt Settings Options