Hello all, New to the forum and solar

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself here before I ask a million questions lol.

Im building my own hard side pop up camper from scratch that will be mounted to an 01 dodge ram 3500 dually flatbed diesel 4x4. Thats what the solar system ill be putting together will be for.

I have a few components already, Renogy 50a dc to dc with mppt, Renogy 3000w PSW inverter charger, high output alternator 100a at idle, and a 2500w inverter generator for backup.

Im Looking into buying the Renogy eclipse 100w panels ×5 maybe 6? And either the Ampere time 200ah x2 for 400ah or the 300ah x2 for 600ah batteries. Wich is where most of my questions will start lol. I dont want to pay for more battery than I can use, ( if having too much battery is a bad thing?) but I don't do moderation well haha! I'll be putting together a list of projected ah ill be using daily, 12v fridge, 12v tankless hot water heater, 5000 btu ac unit are the big ones. Then a lot of little things like led lights, 12v actuators to raise and lower the top, tv, diesel heater, heating mats to keep my batteries warm in winter ect. Any links or points in a general direction would be much appreciated. I look forward to learning here and talking with you guys.