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May 3, 2021
Glad to have found this forum, and Will's youtube channel!

I am in the process of going off grid full time and wanted to build a solar power system that has a decent capacity to minimize dependence on a genset. Looked at some all in one systems, spoke to some installers, and quickly realized this is going to have to be a DIY project. I am in Canada which means that many of the retailers recommended on this forum do not ship here, such as SanTanSolar for the cheap panels.

So far I am leaning towards:

2 CanBat 12v 300Ah LiFePO4 batteries https://www.canbat.com/product/12v-300ah-lithium-battery/
- Cold weather package is available, which uses charge input to heat the battery until it reaches safe temps, then begins to charge.
- BMS is integrated

12 335w panels https://static.csisolar.com/wp-cont...ian_Solar-Datasheet-HiDM-Black_CS1H-MS_EN.pdf
-not married to these, but they are in stock. Panels seem to be in short supply here

Giandel PS-4000 PAR/24V 4000w inverter
-solid reputation and available in stock

For MPPT, it was suggested to use the AMPINVT 60A 24v controller, actually 3 of them, with each taking the charge from 4 of the panels.

This seems kind of weird, the reviews don't all inspire confidence, and I'm wondering if you wonderful people could suggest a better option. I believe that each of the 4 panels would be connected in 2s2p with maybe 100' of cable to each the charge controllers. Effectively 3 separate PV arrays and chargers. The only reason for this was to achieve a high input for short daylight hours. If it's more reliable/cost effective/safer to design this system in a different manner I'd like to know before maxing the visa out!

Alright, back to research... cheers everyone!

edit: I'm back with a better plan!

Sticking with the same Inverter, Panels, and Batteries, but switching up the MPPT and downsizing the PV.

6* 335w Panels - two sets of 3P
2* EPEVER 40a/150v Tracer BN MPPT
GIANDEL 4000W Inverter
2* CanBat LiFePo4 12v 300A

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