Hello From Utah


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Hello, My name is, Ben and provide Solar energy services for people in the surrounding states and I am looking to provide positive and educational information to anyone looking to get Solar panels. My site https://ruralpl.us/ has a lot of useful information and I would love to hear feedback, ways, that I can improve it or any additional information.


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FYI- The site does not function correctly on the Safari (Apple) browser. Seems to work on Chrome. I’d recommend that any firm with an online presence not be tied to one browser. You want everyone to have the same high quality access/experience seeing your website else you’re loosing out on potential customers.

Don’t take it as a short coming since even big firms (like Home Depot) fail to do this too. Simple fix by having your website developer run it through a browser compatibility scan. Keep the website functional across multiple browser and don’t forget the mobile devices too.