Hello Solar Peeps!


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Mar 25, 2022
Hey Gang! I'm a licensed electrician but very new to solar. I'm looking to DIY a Hybrid system for my Home and have our RV / Veterinary Ambulance set up with a few additional solar panels and for it to house the storage batteries for the van power but also back up the house incase of a grid down situation. I would love any advice on how to make this happen. Hopefully saving some real cash for my Electric bill, and doing my part for the green Economy.

In trying to make this happen I have had 3 different Solar companies come to my home and almost went with one of them just as Covid Hit... With uncertainty in the world we temporarily backed out o fit. But today we are looking to move forward. But I don't think I can get the system i need at a price I can afford wit these companies are just playing the payment game with Expensive Grid Tie only system for 80K just because it appears to have a lower payment than my current electric bill. $80K for 18KW system. WTH man!? I know I can get exactly what I need for less than half that cost, DIY.

Thanks for this Forum!