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Help deleting alerts in Solarman Smart?


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Sep 30, 2023
United Kingdom
We had a 6.4kWp solar panel system with 10kWh storage battery installed back in March 2023, and the installer set up the SolarmanSmart app to monitor production, consumption and storage etc. Up until last week it has been running reliably, but then I got a host of warning messages that the inverter couldn’t talk to the battery. I eventually discovered that an update to the Solarman app had corrupted the battery comms and, having fixed that, everything is back working again. The only issue is that I now have a list of hundreds of out of date alerts showing up.

If something goes wrong in the future, I would prefer to find the associated alert quickly instead of having to wade through these old, now pointless, alerts.

Can anyone tell me how to delete these from the Solarman Smart app??