help design a system


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Aug 17, 2022
please help me design a system for my tear drop. i want to make a 24 volt system using 200ah power lithium. i want to have an inverter and converter to get 12 volt and 110 power. my 110 volt will be temperary used items like a computer charger, kitchen appliance like mixer/blender, i may try to get an ice maker at some point (110v and 90 watts!? per hour), small radio. no air con on my system. it looks like i will require about 1600 watts per day for my 12 volt cooler, lights, phone chargers, etc. i want to be off grid as much as possible with 2-3 day trips plus have some extra capacity. my plan is to use solar as well. i have $2,500+ to spend on the system. money is not a real concern. please suggest componants and brands.
the camper is a minnie. its 10 foot long and 7 foot wide. my battery will be stored in the "basement" below the camper ( i have a 12 inch compartment below the floor of the camper used for storage and it 70 cubic feet). the area designated for my electrric is 3x7 feet. the run from the battery to the electric panel is 6 feet along the floor and across the camper 5 feet (11 feet total). i purchased an ac/dc disrubution panel that has 6 ac slots and 12 dc fuse slots. please include where in the system i should put the main shut off and main fuses.
can it be designed so that i can use the system while its being charged by solar and 110v power? future plan is to upgrade alternator on my f150 to charge while pulling the camper.

thanks for help.