I NEED TWO/2 OF THESE ASAP!! How much??? Where?? When can I receive them??? I have no idea what solar is or anything, even though I’ve been watching Will Prowse I cannot comprehend 🤔 I need aterol or a brain 🧠 drug , did I spell that correctly?? 😂 I’m buying the 4 100 watt solar package tomorrow and all of Prowse’s stuf mounted on that beginners plywood and crap 💩 loads of that freeeekin tools needed from Home Depot. And all I want to do is run a small refrigerator and freezer should Los Angeles go power outage DARK I’ve been watching all YouTube people for 9 months since I lost my job All I want to do is pay my $2,800 a month rent and get off grid i.e. P G & E bill 💵 Can I run my fridge off the 4 panel package?????? 😱 😭 HELP ME SOMEONE ASAP. I ONLY HAVE $3,000 dollars left for solar supplies. I need those Green Batteries 🔋 for sure. Help me


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I have two...not for sale, sorry. Check EBAY. The Valence battery is 40ah and the max current draw is 20 amps. Put two in parallel and you can double it. Keep in mind they are all used. You would probably be better off buying a decent new 100ah battery.


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Depends on what your idea of a "small" fridge is?

I have a 35L waeco which runs from a 130ah agm and 100w solar panel in my 4x4.