Help sizing and assembling deep well solar system


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I am putting together a solar will pump system to feed a pond. I have a 305 watt, 9.28 A, short-circuit current 9.85 A good(Max overcurrent reading 20 amp), 32.9 V rated current, 40 volt open circuit mono panel and plan on getting a 280W 24V/48V Solar Powered Deep Well Submersible Pump 60M Lift Water Pump with a
12V/24V/48V MPPT Controller,
I don't intend to use batteries but run directly off this panel during daylight hours. Question being should I get the 24 V or 48 V pump and will these 3 components all work together?


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Im confused as to what the third component is you have the panel and the pump what is the other? Regardless for that panel you will want the 24v pump since your panel only puts out a max of 40 volts.