Help with 352AH Li-Po battery case


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You are a little off on the math. You only have 26 cells in parallel. 4.4 amp hour x 26 = 109 Amp Hour. Then you have 3 in series to get 11.1 volts nominal. 109 x 11.1 = about 1,200 watt hours. The 1C rate would be 109 amps. If these are the cells from Battery Hookup, I think they tested them to nearly 1C without a problem. So 100 amps is fine, I would not push much further for any long term, but a start surge to double might hold. Since you are only a 12 volt system, you could add one of those huge capacitors they put on car stereo systems to help feed the power amps. As long as your constant current stays under 100 amps, you should be fine. 1,000 watts is a lot of power. With the capacitor, you could pull a huge surge for starting a motor like the compressor in a refrigerator or air conditioner.

Perfect, thanks for the clarification! I will need to study up a bit more. I added the Daly 3s 100a smart bms to my cart, going to purchase it, since I am guessing it can peak to 150a-200a. It looks like you can adjust voltage cut offs, found some screen captures on one of their videos, so we will give it a try. And yep, these are Battery Hookup cells.

My plan was to use this as a backup generator for my house. On its first (and only use) I had it power multiple circuits and was maxing out the 1000w inverter. Thats of course until the voltage went too low and tripped all the bms's lol.

Here are the screenshots from the video. For anyone else reading this interested in the bms, it looks like amazon charges $27 shipping plus $78 for the bms itself. Found it on aliexpress on the daly store for $76 with free shipping and an accessory gift.




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I just realized Im missing a 3S balance connector.

Can i plug the 4s connector into this B6 and charge it as a 3s? I would hate to trip a bms after all this work :)

I would like to charge it up a little bit since all the cells are sitting at 3.05v - 3.06v currently. I dont know how long before my next parts will arrive and I am worried it will lose voltage and trip a bms

I think the answer to the above question is no i cant. I tried plugging the 4s balance cable into the BatteryGO and it split one of the PCG voltages in 2! I am assuming the charger would be confused also. I assumed when I plugged the 4s cable into the BatteryGO it would just recognize it as a 3s. Since the 4th wire is just taped off. Confusing.

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You should be able to run it at 3S, just use the first 4 wires, and don't connect the 5th wire to anything. The 4th wire is not the pack total plus. Wire one is pack -, wire 2 is the plus of the first cell group, and wire 3 in the plus of the second cell group. Hope that makes sense.