Help with Conext SCP?


New Member
Dec 19, 2021

I have a small solar system: 3 panels, 2 lithium ion batteries, a Midnite Charge Controller, a Schneider Inverter (SW 4024 I think), and a Conext SCP Control Panel ( I am relatively new to the system, it was set up at this small off-grid cabin when I moved here.

Have a question for anyone with experience with the last item. The default page features 3 screens, including a battery monitor screen, which displays the battery charge and temperature. For some reason, this battery monitor screen has disappeared. This happened once before, a couple months ago, and it inexplicably reappeared. Now it's disappeared again and I've no idea why. I didn't change anything to the setup. I've restored the system defaults and no luck. It seems like a computer glitch to me, but is a pain because I can't follow the battery's charge. I plan to call the company tomorrow.

I imagine this problem will only resonate with someone familiar with the hardware—but if you have familiarity, please chime in.