Hi y'all Israel semi-retired newbie here.


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Mar 28, 2022
I am Daniel 55+ Recluse, Gender-less, Originally from Scandinavia, I find my self on the streets of Tel Aviv after years of travelling across Canada (and USA).
refusing to buy into any "Israeli" or "American" Dream.
My "crazy" build idea:
I Plan for a specialized "home" designed and built solar system on a rented spot to put on wheels later.
Nothing exist now, I am just assembling a "Business Plan" with nescessary prerequisite research.

The "wheels" part complicate things, since this is part of a dream prototype I 've had in mind for the last 7 years or so.
If I make it all the way, the finished result will be a small "plane-boat-trailer-car" well suited for comfy 2 person sleep-overs in stormy
mid-atlantic weather. It needs to fit into a 20ft shipping container.

The above is an ultimate goal, and anything I put together on the way towards this will have to
be of essential value of use to my daily life here in Israel. While I will start my build by collecting scrapped parts ( Ukraine war sucks),
I am on this forum to discuss, meet, and learn about how to go about collecting essential parts, tools equipment, etc and from where.
Israel is not a DIY friendly country if you're not a Senior Student or University Professor, so that is why I signed up on DIY Solar forum.

A big thank you to Will Prowse for working so hard and efficiently trail blazing on Youtube and creating these opportunities for us to meet
and exchange thoughts and favors here.

The picture disclosed below illustrate my humble beginnings in the planning process. AutoCad is not what I hoped to use in designing my solar system,
but since it is freely available online That will be my only option for now...


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