High Battery Voltage Inverters??


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Does anyone know of any hybrid all-in-one (non-24/48V DC) inverters that will work with 90-260V DC battery banks? The only ones that will accept the high battery voltage are from Asia (Growatt/Solax) but are 230V/400V DC output for grid tie.

The SolarCity Delta H6 6000 inverter might work but says made for the Tesla PW and is rated for 400-600V DC.

Has anyone used one of these for non-Powerwall applications or have any recommendations for what I can use?


Tomas Ondra

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I am searching for the same answer, I have six Delta H6 6K inverters. All I have found so far is: you can connect a 400-600v battery bank to it, but I don't know if the inverter is going to "communicate" with the battery bank which is one of the most important thing.