Higher voltage PV solar panels safety precautions


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Aug 19, 2021
I spoke to a Victron distributor for advice and he mentioned that a 48V system adds extra challenges in terms of the solar PV panels.

Let's say you put panels in series to fully utilize a Victron 250V MPPT controller.

We talk a lot about being safe around batteries. But how about working with the voltages in the wires from the panels?

I could not find any definitive guides to hooking up panels correctly, safely. If someone could point me please. I want to know what extra precautions are necessary for hooking up high voltage solar panels? For example, types of cables, fusing and where, types of connectors/lugs, anything like that.


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Jul 27, 2020
Do not touch open ends of wires with the panels hooked up.

When you follow a simple order of operations:
Connect cable to the MPPT first and then click the MC4 connectors together, there is usually no harm to you to be expected.
Below 60V your skin is a good barrier in case you accidental touch something.

Still, you shouldn't touch electronic stuff.
I know people do it, but with wet hands even 12V can be a hazard under the right conditions.

- Get insulated tools and gloves.
- Turn everything off when you work on the wires
- secure against re energizing.

That is true for 12V and for 1000V

For burning up stuff - there is not really extra precaution between 48V and 250V.
48V is already almost as dangerous as 250V for damaging equipment. There is no different education needed.

As European - everything below 400V is considered low voltage :p our outlets have 230V so any extension cord is also on that voltage and nobody cares.

Use parts rated for the voltage you use. Same for batteries.