Hooking up a pump motor

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I'm starting to put solar system in my house i'm starting out small to begin with. I have a boiler and attached to my boiler I put a Boilermate (A hot water tank) which runs off a zone valve and I would like to know how to get power from the circuit breaker to my inverter. When the power goes out I have no hot water or no heat the power going to it runs the pump motor and the zone valves. The pump motor is a 1/12HP and uses 202W the zone valves are all low voltage


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Power from circuit breaker to inverter? Do you mean disconnect utility source and instead get power from your inverter to the circuit breaker for your circulator pump and valves?

Several ways to power the load from inverter. Some inverters work like the UPS you can buy for your computer. Plug UPS into an outlet and plug load (pump and transformer for valves in this case) into the UPS.

You could wire the pump through a transfer switch or DPDT light switch.

You could put a transfer switch after the breaker for this circuit, with inverter as alternate source.

You can wire your entire breaker panel for backfeed by a generator or inverter. Simplest way is to buy an interlock device (piece of sheet metal that slides on screws) which allows either the main breaker or else an adjacent branch circuit breaker to be closed. That ensures you never have inverter and grid connected together. When using it you would manually turn off other breakers like electric stove so inverter doesn't try to power that too.

"boiler" - does that have an electrical ignitor and/or blower?

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No, there is no blower the pump motor just pumps hot water to heat and it has a gas pilot. That does sound good to use a transfer switch or the interlock device. I think I will look into both of those, Thanks for the info.