How many chg/dchg cycles are required to estimate a battery capacity?


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Jun 14, 2021
Dear all,
I have some small LFP cells that I want to calculate capacities of , they are rated 3400mah from the manufacturer and I have attached the datasheet for it. I would also keep things simple here so I am maintaining the temp of my exp to 25degrees.

My question here is how many no of cycles are needed to run for a new cell in order to come up with a capacity value that I can use as my base one . I have done chg and dchg test at 0.5C previously and achieved a capacity of over 3500mah, at lower rates it goes close to 3600mah. btw I am using a shunt for this but just worried about the number been so diff than the one that is rated and printed on this cell body :(


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