How to open Lipo Motorcycle battey


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Good Morning,
I bought a few of these dead motorcycle batteries off BH. I want to TRY to reuse the plastic cases.

How do I go about attempting to open the top with the least amount of damage?
It seems they have some sort of glue applied.



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Solar Addict
You could try a heat gun, and try to use a wider blade pry instrument, and apply some heat around a corner, with some prying force (twisting the blade instrument) to see what the characteristics are of the glue, if it softens or allows the bond to break easily. I guess it just depends on the bonding glue they used.

Sometimes they might even melt the plastics together, or I've seen glue (like with Lexan and aquarium tank bonding), where the glue itself creates a chemical melting together, and it is impossible to break them apart, the plastics at the bond point basically becoming one...