How to quiet MPP All-in-One fan noise?


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I was testing out my friends MPP PIP 1012LV-MS All-in-One and from Will’s video it seemed like a great, easy to install system for a van, but upon hooking it up, the fans run constantly even with the inverter off!

I’ve built my own Victron MPPT, Giandel inverter setup and would love to have the reduced wiring hassle of an all-in-one for my next system. Because I rarely run the inverter, my Victron setup is dead silent. No fans unless I turn on the inverter and run decent loads. Super nice because it’s a small van with electrical right below the bed.

Is there any way to quiet down the MPP? I asked Ian at Watts247 and he said they’re all kinda loud with fans running. Maybe a larger heat sink in there, or fan replacement?

Anyone else bugged by the noise of the All-in-One’s? How did you deal?


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Mine are mounted in a compartment that you can't hear them unless you are very quiet in the middle of the night, but I am interested in improving the cooling capability of the unit, Because they get hot FAST.

I'm curious if anyone finds a quieter fan that also has more output?

The LV6548 fans are pretty easily removable too, but not sure about other models. Can anyone confirm?


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Mine is inside a well ventilated housing located outdoors. Noise is not an issue in this application.

If I needed to install an inverter in a living space where noise was an issue and the sound could not be baffled in some way without interfering with the cooling of the inverter, I would not choose this type of inverter.

Cooling is critical for the operating lifespan of inverter electronics, so whatever you do, try not to compromise the cooling system. If anything find ways to make it cool more effectively.


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I've switched out mine.



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I've switched out mine.

Switched out yours with what? The link provided has hundreds of fans.


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I have a lv6048 that I will have to go into and change the fans out...

I've been a gamer a long while. If you can cool some of the best cpu's and gpu's with little noise I'm sure the same can be done with our inverters. They just use cheap fans or really noisy expensive ones... :)