I Did A Controlled Short On A 25ah Navitas Cell, Over 200a And Smoke!


Swears he didn't start that fire.
Sep 12, 2020
These cells will EASILY push over 20c during a short circuit. This was a single 3.2v cell, imagine a 12v-48v pack with paralleled cells. When the ROMEX got too hot, it melted the insulation inside of the sheathing, and caused an additional, "internal" short. All it takes is a few seconds to start a fire.

My amp-clamp maxes out at 200a, it was in overload pretty much the entire time. I'll hook up a 500a shunt later and see if I can get a better reading.

The point of this is to show why you ALWAYS AND UNCONDITIONALLY NEED TO USE A PROPERLY RATED FUSE OR BREAKER!!! Class T's are one of the few types of fuses able to interrupt a lithium short.