I have a 2012 Mazda 3 hatchback with Thule Box and having a hard time finding a solar panel that will fit


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Jun 12, 2022

First time here!
I'm really hoping to find my answers here.
I'd like to have 100w of solar energy on my roof to charge my Bluetti EB240 at all times to "secure" my minimum power needs.
I'd like suggestions of which solar panel I should buy and how to mount it. I'm very unfamiliar about hardware, brackets, mounts, type of screws you can use. Complete noob here.

- My car is a 2012 Mazda 3 hatchback
- I have a roof rack. I have about 10" of space left after my Thule roof box is mounted. Box width is about 22".
- My Thule roof box is not square. So on top of it, on the flatest, I have about 19" at the widest and 10" at the narrowest over 75" long. See attach picture.

- I don't want to make holes in my Thule Box.
- I'd like to find an easy way to take that solar panel elsewhere if I'm parked in the shade and if possible, make a locking system.

TLDR ends here.

My ideas:

- The only solar panel I could find that would kind of fit is a Zamp Solar 90w panel (but its very expensive even on sale... I live in Canada, importing this will cost around 430$ CAD... That's... outrageous for 90w, even if I do, I don't know how to plug this thing in my Bluetti. I didn't find an adapter for it.) It's 14.3" wide.

- Make some kind of slide out rack that could be pulled out while parked for more power

- I still want to purchase a 200w foldable panels (don't know which one yet) and I'm not sure how I can plug all of them at once.
I've watched a ton of website, a ton of DIY and a ton of videos, but none


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