I have a 2k watt inverter, will two Overkill 120A 12V 4S BMS's work with two separate battery packs?


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Nov 10, 2020
This question may have been answered (potentially many) times before but I'm struggling as a noob. I have two separate 4S battery packs (8 cells in total) in a 12V system. Each one will be equipped with its own Overkill 120A 4S BMS(es?). I have a typical off-grid, camper van DC load and a 2000W inverter. If each other the packs are connected to two 300A fuses is that okay? Will the two 120A BMS units be enough to cover the load?

Bonus question: How would I connect these to the Victron Lynx Distributor battery in side? I have a Master Disconnect Switch and Battery Monitor shunt that I would prefer to just have one positive and negative wire. Should I use bus bars rated for 300A? If that's the case, would I even need to have two fuses or could I fuse the entire bank (pack #1 and pack #2 combined at the bus bars) "after" the bus bar, on the side towards the Victron? (I'll attach a schematic.)


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Apr 24, 2020
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It will work great! I have two 4s batteries with the Overkill Solar BMS.

I cheated and used a single Class T fuse and battery disconnect for both batteries. The more correct method is to use one Class T and one disconnect switch for each battery. I can't speak to the Lynx connection question.

My common bus bars are rated for 250 amps. My loads are well under that limit.