I need help to go over my plans and to talk about Appliance and "Heavy Load" item choices.

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Apr 23, 2022
Ontario Canada
Not sure where to talk about all this.

I need help to go over my plans and to talk about Appliance and "Heavy Load" item choices.

Other than our Oil Fired Boiler for heat - Everything we have in our 1,500 sq. ft. farm house is Electric.

The MRS and I want to go solar and I've been planning / researching for a while.
I honestly don't think we can go completely Off-Grid as we would like.. (Copies of our Yearly Kw usage below.)
Unfortunately, I think the best we can do for now is half and half - Solar and Grid with an Odd kind of Generator for back up.. (more about odd generator below)
All our lights have been switched to LED years ago.

NOTE: I understand there will be much better options vs Electric heavy load items.
However, if you are married you more than likely understand the "Happy Wife - Happy Life" concept.
There are some things I will not be able to do, like having a gas stove/oven combo or dryer.
But I do want to find a better alternative than what we have.

I need to talk about Appliance and "Heavy Load" item choices - along with my setup plans.

What to use vs GAS because the MRS does NOT want a Gas Stove/Oven, dryer or hot water setup in the house.
(I've tried for close to 20 yrs. now - as I would prefer a gas stove top vs electric and how they cook.)
So I need to stay with some kind of Electric stove top and/or oven.

A week ago I started looking into a HEAT PUMP Hot Water Heaters vs our Old Electric one that came with the house. (Be a great time to change it anyways.)
Anyone have one? What are the Pro and Cons you have noticed? Is it worth the investment?
One of the ones I'm looking at runs on 120v..

Today I've been researching and watching more videos on what mini splits most off-grid users are talking about.
MRCOOL seems to be at the top of the list.
What kind of AC or AC/Heat Pump are you using and what Pros and Cons have to you experienced?

What we currently use the most for our lifestyle:

1. Microwave (many times a day)
2. Electric Stove Top (use to be 4 to 5 times a week - now twice a week.)
3. Oven (use to be 3 to 4 times a week - now once or twice a week.)
I need to look into a Convection Microwave oven Combo - Because of how much we rely on the above items.
Anyone have a Convection Microwave oven Combo? What are the Pro and Cons you have noticed? Is it worth the investment?

3. Washer and Dryer - 2 loads every 2 weeks. (Plan to use most of the year on sunny days.)
Again, I understand Gas would be best. (However, If I could not convince the MRS to get a Gas stove for my liking - GRIN - I don't think I can talk her into a gas dyer.

Below is a break down of our kW usage and the SETUP I'm leaning towards building:

48v - 5 to 8k all in one power system (NOT sure which one would be best Growatt, MPP or other. I might add on later - but sadly the ROI at our age and the cost for electricity for what we use may not be worth it the investment.)
12 - Panels - Stand alone and Adjustable to get the most out of them (Not sure which panels would be best for our location and I might add on later.)
48V LiFePo4 Server Rack Setup (I might have to buy 2 batteries at a time until I get to 6 and I might add on later.)

NOTE: I'm going to buy a LISTER 6/1 or 8/1 Diesel Engine for my shop air on the farm and also use it as a cheap generator back up option.
I've talk to some who use waste cooking oil to run theirs and they use very little to run for hours on end.

Thank you for you help, support and advice.
Sincerely, Tony

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Jan 15, 2022
Just a few thoughts. You really need to nail down the max draw of power you must have to be happy with your system. If you need to be able to make hot water cook on the stove while the oven is running at the same time you are using the washer and dryer and running the air conditioner you will need a very large inverter setup.


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Sep 14, 2020
You could use a oil fired hot water heater or get a megastore water tank that runs off a separate zone
on the boiler .
A washer dryer uses a lot of power plus you are pumping water at the same time .
A lot of inverter chargers mite not run off the lister and it gives dirty power , if you run on bypass
and try to power the house the lites mite even flicker .
I cook on my wood stove most of the time or on a big green egg using charcoal .
I would get a propane stove and oven in a second but even the oven have a glow bar that uses 350/750 watts
It would be good to get A commercial oven with a pilot lite .
I hate a Electric stove