I want to play with the wind, recommendations?


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If I went wind, I’d go with an AirPrimus. 100,000 units manufactured over decades, so the company must know what they’re doing.

I don’t think its an unreasonable goal to try to get a small percentage of power form wind, like 10%. Something reasonable, if your area permits it.

For my RV, I was in an area that had winds at night that could power a windmill, and my goal for what I tried (and DID NOT put together) was 150 wh - 250wh, something quite reasonable that could tide me through the night until the sun came back up in the morning. THat came out to be a wind turbine, mounted on a n elevated pole attached to a truck hitch. Pretending cost was not a factor, and it was pretty pricey, there were other things that stopped me like set up time, and something like that attracts attention and too many people to talk to.

THe cheaper kits you’re looking for, most of them are not original. Seems to be made by one manufacturer and relabeled with a different logo. Perhaps this is just normal marketing, but looking at reviews, I suspect that its not a good product, the company went under, and they reverted with a different logo. If you look around an E-Bay and Amazon you’ll see the kits I’m talking about.

I’d like to hear some of the stories behind this, like what broke them and how they got fixed.

I have not had the generators up in 10 years. I think one is an AirPrimus, or maybe what the company renamed themselves at one point. They look exactly like the ones I have. I did buy name brand units, not cheap ebay ones.

Generally, they just stop producing power. They will over speed and fling blades, or go into shutdown and spin slowly. The stator burning up was the common failure, but sometimes it was the regulator. I would climb the tower, bring it down, ship the entire thing off for repair. They repaired it and back up it would go, and die in the next storm with heavy winds.

With 3 of them up at one time, it became too much of a hassle to keep them going. When the last one died, I said screw it and took down the towers and just bought more solar.

I also didn't like the noise they make under heavy wind. It's loud and annoying. A neighbor got one of the same units last year to keep his RV battery charged. It's up on a 10 foot poll, a half mile away from me. I can still here it blowing the raspberry on stormy windy days. Even when I am inside. Thinking about it, it may have died as it was very windy last night and I didn't hear it.


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I asked the question because its exactly the comparison I'm curious about.
That's my answer then. Running a gas generator a few times a year is less hassle then keeping the above small wind generators working, for my system.
I am in fact adding more solar so I don't have to run the generator. Used solar panels are cheap. I can get a full charge in 2 hours. That was very helpful yesterday as a storm came in the afternoon (lots of wind and rain), but I still managed to hit 100% full on the batteries.
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